Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/28/10-Bases Loaded

We meet Brandie and Davy at Veteran's Park in White Settlement,  TX. What a beautiful day and what fun we had walking all over the park to find great spots to capture some Engagement Portraits.

3/18/10-3/21/10 - 2nd Annual Fishing Trip

With all the appointments had before and around Easter, I still had the time to go on my Family Fishing Trip. With all the unusual weather in March, the fish did not bit much. We caught three fish the entire trip. Hopefully, next year will be better.


3/24/10, 3/25/10, & 3/27/10- Easter Bunny

I have been very busy since the Star-Telegram Bridal Show getting ready for Easter Portraits with a Live Bunny. First I had to find a place, then find a bunny, and finally find some little people to photograph. I am lucky that I got to capture some children at a daycare for two of the days and Saturday I capture three different families. It was a lot of hard work but well worth it.


3/22/10- Spring Fever

We took Debra's Bridals at the Historical Brownstone Wedding Chapel in Weatherford, TX. We had so much fun photographing Debra in her dress, and look forward to capturing her wedding in a few weeks. I will post pictures of her dress in a few weeks.

3/15/10- Ladybug = Good Luck

The first day of Spring Break in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and I got the opportunity to be outsides taking Brandie's Bridals. It actually was a little chilly out side, and Brandie made it through the session as if it was 75 degrees outside. We went to The Clark's Gardens in Weatherford, TX, it is such a beautiful place. There is a White Peacock at the gardens that Brandie and her mom loved; below is a photograph of it that Steven capture. In a few weeks I will post some of her dress.

3/13/10-Glamorous Wedding

We drove to Itasca, TX to capture Krista and Casey's Wedding Day. Krista looked like she stepped out of an Old Hollywood Movie; she was so glamorous. They wed at the First Presbyterian Church of Itasca. I wish them many happy years.